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Who we are

Florca is the first consortium of producers of ornamental plants in Costa Rica.

In the year 2003 FLORCA (Floriculture of Central America) is constituted. The group consists of leading enterprises producing and exporting ornamental plants from Costa Rica to the European market. Guided by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries) from Holland lots of activities have been undertaken such as work sessions on quality improvement, human resource management and cost control amongst others.

The participating companies from Costa Rica constitute a group of pioneers in the areas of production and sales of ornamental plants. Our guiding principles are quality control, protection of the environment and socially responsible conduct. /(social, responsible conduct)This experience helped us to be successful companies.

* Number of people associated through the companies for which they work: 450 approx.


  • Commercial Name: FLORCA

    Number of affiliated companies: 9

    Number of people associated through the companies for which they work: 450 aprox.

    Technicians: 45 | Operatives: 405

    Number of hectares in production: 385

    Markets to which we export:USA , Europe, Asia

    Exported products: Ornamental plants

  • 1. In 2002 the initiative to form a group was started in cooperation with the CBI of Holland. At this time the focus point was improving export sales towards Europe. Four Central American countries were involved in this procedure (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica). Costa Rica participated with 14 companies.

    2. Based on this experience the nine companies from Costa Rica decided to start the first ornamental plant consortium in Costa Rica.

    3. For developing this concept PROCOMER (Costa Rican Export Promotion Office gave its support in matters of promotion and financial support for visiting shows and the Ministry of Agriculture ( incorporated the whole group in their Clean Stock Program.

    4. The first participation in a Fair took place in 2003 in Hortifair Amsterdam and was followed by a second one in 2004.

    5. With the intention to penetrate into new markets in the year 2005 and the next four years the group participated in the Iberflora Fair in Valencia, Spain.

    6. In the year 2009 the group presented itself in the Fair of Padua in Italy.

    7. As from the year 2010 participation took place in the biggest Fair of the industry, the IPM in Essen, Germany.

    8. During the last years the associated businesses opened up towards each other, enabling exchange of experiences and knowledge, which has strengthened criteria such as in buying and product handling. It also improved the internal relationship of the members which has generated a climate of confidence on managerial level of the companies.

    is an organization of specialized producers in the area of ornamental plants, distinguished by its exemplary compromise to the production, generating commercial opportunities for its associates and wellbeing for its personnel.

    We want to achieve success and satisfaction of the client by means of producing ornamental plants with a constant quality and a high added value.

Our Vision:

Being recognized by the ornamental plant industry as an example setting group of enterprises that searches for leadership in production and exportation.

Our Mission:

Gaining benefits for its members, clients and collaborators through a strategy of cooperation in: Financial and administrative issues, joined purchases, sales promotion, developing alliances, training, search and interchange of information in logistics, technology, agricultural, environmental and social practices.

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Our Locations in Costa Rica

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