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Agropecuaria Hnos. Pacheco S.A.

With more than 28 years of experience, Agropecuaria Hermanos Pacheco was founded in 1987 and started exporting agricultural products, especially, ornamental plants.
Agropecuaria Hermanos Pacheco was constituted by eight brothers, who give all the support the Company needs.
Each of them supervises the fields, production, quality control, rooting process, packing, exports and infrastructure works.
The company is always open to develop projects of Ornamental Plants that fills the needs of the importer, who requires specific products, this of course, as long as natural conditions in Costa Rica allow its production.
It’s interest is to export to different markets.  Also we have diversified our varieties by adding new products.
The company’s plan is to penetrate new markets through contacts with trading companies or direct importers that would like to expand their imports. We want to offer regular quantities per week at times of the year required..
The principal plants exported are Janet Craig Compact, Janet Craig Regular, Warnekei Regular, Warnekei Lemon Line, Compacta Variegata and other Dracaenas varieties and also others products like Yucca Elephantipes,Cycas Revoluta, Dracaena Fragans Massageana and other many varieties. We are looking for companies that would like to partner with us.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to read about us and feel free to contact us.

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