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Microplantas S.A.

With more than 20 years of continuous work Micro Plantas S.A. counts with a technological infrastructure and a high qualified and great confidence human group who works to reach excellence and consolidation as their main objective.

Micro Plantas S.A. project began at 1990 in Alajuela downtown, Costa Rica. Spathiphyllum and Syngonium are produced for the Florida market, but also crops like Anthurium, Banana, Calathea, Philodendron, Ficus, Calladium, Vanilla, Dieffenbachia, Alocasia, Syderasia, Shefflera among others are produced for markets in Holland, Italy, Poland, Australia and Chile.

  • Our Mission

    We are a commercial organization with the purpose to provide ornamental mother plants to global growers with the use of biotechnology.   Based by innovation and development, we are committed to reliability and good service; knowing that our most important elements are our customers as well as our human resource. Our recognized lines and continuous improvement, results in a profitable operation, bringing the satisfaction to our partners.

  • Vision Statement

    Be recognized as one of the most important mother plants producers in the world based in advanced biotechnologies, as well as reliable and quality products; with a satisfactorily service, leading to the success of our customers.

The Laboratory

Micro Plantas S.A. is a tissue culture lab dedicated to the micro propagation of ornamental tropical plants. The company takes part in the new biotechnological revolution using new tissue culture technologies, which are capable to increase the yield of the agronomic process. Our vegetal material develops excellent quality in aspects like color, size and uniformity establishing it in an important level of competition. Thanks to our excellent group of professionals and good facilities, our expectation is to increase production up to 10 million micros per year.

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