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Ornamentales de Río S.A.

Ornamentales del Rio S.A. was established on March 12, 1986. The production and exportation began in a farm located in Rio Frio in the province of Heredia, on the plains of Costa Rican Caribbean. It started with a small variety of plants to provide growers in other countries as a starting material. With the acceptance of service, quality and availability have increased diversity and production areas.

It now has 40 hectares in production and around 45 people working in the company. Due to our sales volume and number of countries to which we are shipping, we have developed relations and agreements with airlines marine lines, Minister of agriculture, customs and cargo agencies. This enables us to offer a fast and efficient shipping service.


Through the highest quality policies in harmony with the environment, producing and marketing ornamental plants for international markets. Running all appropriate strategies for owners, clients, employees, and the community benefits.


Ornamentales del Rio SA seen as a leader in the production of high quality ornamental plants. Where these activities are carried out with the best agricultural practices, environmental and social practices.

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